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The Department of Speech & Hearing Science
College of Applied Health Sciences

Welcome to the NeuroSpeech Laboratory

Speaking is a highly refined motor skill. Considering that we can easily speak at rate of over 200 syllables per minute it is one of the fastest motor acts that we can produce. As further evidence of the complexity of this skill, one should consider that it takes almost 5 years for children to master the motor skill of speaking. However, most persons take this phenomenal ability for granted. It is this motor skill that underlies our basic communication ability but remains highly vulnerable to neurological disorders. Research conducted in the NeuroSpeech Lab is directed towards understanding how the brain controls speech production with the long-term goal of identifying the cause and neurological characteristics of the particular speech disorder known as stuttering. This disorder appears to involve neurological differences that disrupt the planning and production of speech. Knowledge of how neurological changes impact speech production in stuttering will shed light on the cause of this disorder and lead to improved treatments.

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